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i've finished over 500 paintings since 1998
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I completed my first painting in 1998, and learned to paint during 10 years of weekly lessons with esteemed artist Pir Tareen. I continue to attend lessons with amazing artists whenever the opportunity arises – I am always looking for new skills and fun ways to paint.

Born in Victoria, I grew up in Brisbane, thriving and surviving being a teenager in the 70’s when there were no helmets for our bikes, our dogs roamed free, and of course no mobiles or social media. My childhood was filled with fun and freedom and magical moments.

As an adult I still like to find magical moments, and I find them in my family and friends, events I attend, my garden, and my painting – they are all part of my magic.

Sometimes my paintings can be a real struggle, but mostly they flow off the paintbrush so easily. Either way, the reward at the end is a feeling of great achievement – to look at a painting and think ‘I painted that’ is a wonderful thing!




jane mathers original oil painting brisbane city



for many years i enjoyed weekly
lessons with respected artist pir tareen
pir has paintings exhibited all over the world
including a portrait of the pope in the vatican


bowen bridge
heritage track

my part in this project was to create a koala for the gondwana plaque - all the sculptured plaques were amazing and my little koala is delighted to be in their company

"...In 2001, the Men of the Trees established the Bowen Bridge Heritage Track to compliment the natural setting and add a local distinctiveness to the Breakfast Creek area... "


in november 2001, the centenery of federation was celebrated by displaying thousands of life-size figures over the lawns of federation mall and the slopes of parliament house in canberra, all of them representing every day australians

mine was our family tree using oil paints and black and white photos - there were so many amazing creations and it was great to be part of this historical celebration

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